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May 11, 2012 / catarinafigueira

Lessons from Birmingham

If we are going to organise an event or a conference, we should seriously considered the possibility of organising a team of social reports to help spread the information and stimulate conversations before, during and after the event.Social reporters are interested in a wide range of things – PR teams have a defined message. They could work together but on different tasks.

Social reports from events provides a unique opportunity to reach out to a wider community. It allows the engagement of the participants in an active way.

As a social reporter we should use what we have available: a smartphone, for instances, if a laptop is not available. Besides, we must link a lot and publish often: no worries about editing!

Keep our message short and think how interesting the video is. People will share if it is interesting.

We should make sure we are not just tweeting, posting and blogging- but that we are aware of other people’s tweets, posts and blogs as well. We must considered break up long posts into separate ones – this will generate comments.

WHAT WE SHOULD DO: be useful, be open, share our work, ask for collaboration, link to others, ask for feedback, read other blogs (blogs offer the chance for extra channels of communication), be open to comments, set up our own alerts, see what people say on Twitter.

The internet can help to create interest through social media channels. Create a central hub for information – Google Docs is a free online tool where we can spread presentations.

Not be limited to Twitter and Facebook. Just find our audience: are they on LinkedIn, on Pinterest or Flickr?

Using Multimedia tools could be more attractive to the public and in a very simple way. Just follow these guys:

And last but not least: work on team is better than work alone!


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