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May 11, 2012 / kg_DNF

lessons learnt

3 points that I take with me from Birminghham is:

  • How to create social capital: contribute to the social stock pot by being usefull in your social media communication. remember how  “The loop of generosity” generates social capital. My first steps will be to get in the habit of following bloggers and tweets, rss-feeds and get familiar with the universe.
  • Get started! The story of the Birmingham city’s new webpage made an impression.
  • The points made about how to use social media as individuals and/or as organisations was very interesting to me. I think there’s a fine line to walk when engaging employees in work-related social media, and that we need to be clear about roles and responsibilities. That being said I leave Birmingham full of inspiration and enthusiam and eager to introduce my newly gained insight at the office back home and hopefully begin to introduce new initiatives already for this years festival in september.

Some of you might find this Community of praxis interesting that deals with school-industry cooperations. See what’s going on and take part in the discussion

Time’s up – I will be back!


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