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May 11, 2012 / carolinebeavon

What Now? Part 3 – Networking

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If you are going to get fully involved online you are going to have to do more than create content and listen to other people. You need to get involved in the conversation.

In the previous post in this series we talked about listening – and ways to follow other peoples content using social networks and content monitors such as RSS readers.
Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook are designed to generate conversation, and users respond well to replies. Look out for content that interests you and chip in – whether its to disagree with their point of view, add some information or back them up. Now it’s time to get commenting

A comment on a blog post will do a series of things:

  • generates a conversation with the creator, and other readers
  • highlights you to the creator – they may, in return, check out your blog post / follow you
  • highlight you to other readers as someone interested in this field

Places to Comment

Social Networks: ie Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube

Blogs/Websites: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr – search for relevant magazines and organizations. Their websites may invite comments and discussion.

Forums / Messageboards – most professions have a closed members forum or messageboard. Gain membership and start get involved in discussions with your peers.

Other: e.g.Quora (a Q and A site where users share information on a range of subjects)


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