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May 10, 2012 / carolinebeavon

What Now? Part 1 – Sharing

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It all started with a speech. A speech that annoyed a scientist so much that she wrote a blog post about it.

On 8th September Vince Cable said that 45% of science research was not of a world class standards. With an imminent spending review, there was a real risk of cuts.  Dr Jenny Rohn – incensed, blogged that scientists should pull together and march on London in their white coats to protest.

4 weeks later, 35000 followers were backing the Science is Vital campaign and several thousand did march on London (complete with white coats).

How Did They Do This?

  • Jenny shared her initial blog to her readers and her followers on social networks.
  • Impressed by the idea – those people then shared it to their friends via their Facebook, Twitter or blogs.
  • A Facebook group earned them even more momentum
  • A move onto Twitter got them celebrity coverage and more attention
  • they maintained momentum, introducing a NEW call to action when things started slowing down throughout the campaign. A new blog, a new discussion or pictures of an event can do this.

Word got out there – the campaigners could then leverage those followers to an action – writing letters to politicians and turn out for the protest.

What Could You Do?

  • don’t be limited to Twitter and Facebook – find your audience. Are they on LinkedIn, are they on Pinterest or Flickr? Do they have all their conversations in a forum or message board?
  • Don’t be shy – when you write a blog post, tell the world about it with a snappy tweet or an interesting Facebook post.
  • Post regularly and share everything!

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