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May 10, 2012 / carolinebeavon

Social Media, Social Capital and Social Reporting

Social media is definitely on the rise.

An audit of the room showed almost 100% usage of Facebook and Twitter – with a definite distinction between how people use the 2 social networks – Facebook for social but also sharing professional content on organization pages, whilst Twitter was professional conversation.

The focus is definitely on conversation with sharing, commenting and “liking”.

Looking at the content sites, Youtube and Wikipedia were  used to find/watch content, less so to publish.

Great Examples of Social Media Use

(please check back later for full presentation slides from Nick Booth) – early podcasting service because an internet success in not-for-profit podcast section

Birmingham Bloggers –  used social media (Facebook/Twitter) to bring together people who had shared interests in the internet, but mainly Birmingham (brought together social capital)

Big City Plan – Birmingham City Council wanted an online portal where you could read a PDF of the plan and you could send a comment. Jon Bounds decided he wanted to do more and created Big City Plan Talk  – translating the PDF into plain english, and give every paragraph a separate blog post – where people could comment, and converse – about each point.

Help Me Investigate – a crowdsourced site to bring people together to find out information about issues/questions. Started with the Birmingham City Council website, with an online discussion (and even a “deepthroat” source from the Council using a secret Twitter account!).

BCCDIY – Sparked by the cost and time delays of setting up the BCC website, local tech expert Stef Lewandowski took the text and information from the site, and translated it into an easy to use site. BCC were not happy, but Bristol Council stopped their site make over and started asking the public what they wanted / needed.

Social Media Surgeries – local social media experts helping out charities/not-for-profit orgs make use of Social Media in a drop-in format.

That Rock – a keen walker takes a picture of a rock during a hike in Wales. He posted the picture on Flickr and geotagged it. That picture then ended up (by geotag) in a group of the same rock in a group.

Coventry City Council Facebook Page – boosted “likes” by using the site to share useful information during a snow storm.

How to Be a Social Reporter

Using whatever is to hand

No laptop – what about your mobile phone?

  • use what you have available
  • do it as it happens
  • link and lot and be useful
  • publish often
  • don’t worry about editing
  • when things stop – you stop

What Works

  • be useful
  • be open
  • share
  • collaborate
  • relax and empower
  • nurture niches

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